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Filming begins on Butterfly

Emmet J. Scanlan, Alison Steadman, Sean McGinley and Callum Booth-Ford join Anna Friel as filming begins on new ITV mini series Butterfly.


“I’ve always been a Butterfly.”


International Emmy award winning actress Anna Friel, is joined by Emmet J. Scanlan, Alison Steadman, Sean McGinley and child actor Callum Booth-Ford as filming begins in Manchester on the Red Production Company mini series Butterfly.


Created and penned by BAFTA award-winning screenwriter Tony Marchant, Butterfly is about the acrimonious relationship between separated parents, Vicky (Anna Friel) and Stephen (Emmet J. Scanlan), and their division in opinion over how to support their gender variant child, Max (Callum Booth-Ford).


From a young age, their now 11-year-old son, Max, has identified as a girl and as puberty looms, he begins to present increasing signs of gender variance. When Max was eight, his father, Stephen, left the family home. But as Max’s conviction that he’s in the wrong body intensifies, his distress escalates, and Stephen seizes the opportunity to return to live at the family home and support his son. However differently Max’s parents feel about their child potentially being transgender, they agree on one thing, Max’s welfare is paramount.


What unfolds for all the family members involved is the greatest challenge and test of love and understanding imaginable. The social transitioning of Max to Maxine is initially thwarted because of the clear division of opinion between Vicky and Stephen.


As Maxine grows in confidence, she becomes increasingly certain that she’s in the right skin, but is this enough to get everyone else on board?


Directed by Anthony Byrne and produced by Louise Sutton, Butterfly will embrace the story of a three-generational family, and will expose the truly extraordinary demands made by each and every individual in the family. We will see how they all prosper or fall as the string of challenges unfold over time.

Other actors starring in the mini series include; Millie Gibson, Amy Huberman, Lorraine Burroughs and Felicity Montagu.


Nicola Shindler established the multi award winning Red Production Company in Manchester in 1998 to work with the brightest writers producing modern and innovative programming, and will executive produce Butterfly with Tony Marchant. Caroline Hollick, Creative Director at Red, is also an executive producer.


Adam Kemp is co-exec producer and his boutique indie company AENON a co-producer.


ITV’s Senior Commissioner, Victoria Fea, is overseeing the drama from the broadcaster’s perspective.


Red Production Company is part of Studiocanal’s international production network of companies.