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It’s A Sin wins Best TV Drama at Prix Italia

It’s A Sin has won the TV Drama category at Prix Italia.

Prix Italia said: “It’s a Sin” is a poignant period drama series that chronicles the journey of four friends from diverse backgrounds in the 1980s, as they experience first-hand the devastating effects of the spread of the AIDS pandemic within the gay community. Peppered with a lot of humor, the show skillfully holds the hand of the viewer and seamlessly takes them from one emotion to another. The story manages to be both profoundly tragic and immersively fun at the same time. The representation of the roles and the skills of such complex characters keep the viewer in the grip, whilst delivering the story’s important message directly to the heart. More than just the theme of sexuality, this drama series also touches on other relevant themes such as parenting, freedom of expression, stigma, discrimination, prejudice and the marginalization of queer communities by the broader society; themes that ring true to this day. “It’s a Sin” is a moving period drama, modern and fresh. It is a minority story that touches the majority.